Monday 8th February 2021

This time Banjo is in Russia, This Second letter from her feline Pen pal came with as much fun and excitement as her last. Banjo really does spark such imagination and all the excitement of learning about somewhere new.

Emily Absolutely LOVES these letters they have been an amazing help in getting her to write and read again. especially with Covid having had us stuck in now for almost a whole year.

With each envelope full of wonders. Below is a list of what came in this one.

  • Letter from Banjo
  • Guide to Russia
  • Sticker sheet
  • Colouring sheet
  • Colour your own postcard
  • Recipe Card
  • Letter paper (for writing back to Banjo)
  • Envelope (for writing back to Banjo)

Emily has so enjoyed these letter there maynot be much to write about them but I do highly recommend them.

Banjo in Russia

So in this letter, Emily read all about Banjo’s adventures in Russia with his Russian cousin. She makes me chuckle as she struggles to pronounce unfamiliar words without help. On this letter in particular, she renamed Banjo’s cousin from Igor to Ivon! poor Igor.

She wrote telling him about how she played with her best friend Jamie online as they still aren’t allowed to travel and coloured the postcard and sent it to Jamie.

After reading through the information and letter she then puts the stickers on her Map on the wall hunting out the right spot that points to the right country. Adds her paw sticker up too before putting the stickers on the Envelope and writing to Banjo.

Then after she has completed all the activities off she runs to place her reply somewhere under the sofa ready for her cat Garfield to pick it up and deliver it to Banjo!

I love the imagination of this kit and the excitement and imagination it strikes in Emily.

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