Wednesday 10 February 2021

Today we had some fun with some messy play. with a fun-packed afternoon of Clay play, soap making, bubble bath making and bath bomb-making.

Caught Red Handed

After completing their English and Maths we set up to do some crafty messy fun.

So while I finished up my work the girls made dragons out of clay.

I had brought the girls some air-dry clay and put in a token into their Lockdown Advent calendars for this activity. Well, a very excited Emily Found it today.

Together we decided to do the FIMO at the same time. Unfortunately the day Emily got her FIMO activity token, we actually had to leave the house! Emily had one of her appointments at the hospital. Therefore they didn’t actually get to use it, so they pulled it out today. Emily made herself a little unicorn she wants to eventually make into a pendant.

Mess making with bath bombs and soap making!

Next Emily went on to make herself some new soap, Bubble bath and bath Bombs.

Emily happily made a half bath bomb to use later that evening. Almost as soon as she was done in fact! She excitedly gets up and runs off for an hour-long bath.

I find the soap and bath bomb making although somewhat messy they are a great thing to fill a gap. Emily having SPD (sensory Processing Disorder) likes mixing the scents together to find mixtures she likes. Likewise, we find talking about how the different scents make her feel helps her better understand how her SPD effects her. For Example, I love bergamot but she says it makes her feel yucky. However, she likes the scent of Rose a scent that makes me feel sickly.

Personally, I find having made the soap herself seems to make using her soap extra special.

We always have educational TV programmes on TV while she does arts and crafts like this today this was Horrible Histories!

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