Thursday 11th February 2021

Getting down to some fun with the letterbox labs marvellous mixtures investigation box 1!

Letterbox Labs Investigation 1: Sugar water.

We think there may have been a mistake with this one.
The experiment itself didn’t work and I think it should have been salt sachets, not sugar added.

The booklet refers to both Salt and sugar but I do know saltwater (saline Solution) will stack the way their picture shows.

As it describes a saline solution experiment, I do believe that maybe the wrong sachets where added.

Unfortunately, this one wasn’t such a hit as it didn’t really work. Although as you can see from the video it did show a faint rainbow in the light.

Letterbox Labs Investigation 2: Breathless Balloon

This one was very good fun the result was a balloon full of a heavier gas than breath. This resulted in the balloon falling quicker than normal.

From balloons to squishy Worms as you can see from the video it didn’t take her long to move on.

Experiment 3: squishy worms!

This experiment was time consuming it takes an hour to process. Therefore if you are considering buying this Letterbox lab box start with this one. By the time you have done the other 5 experiments this one will be ready to go.

This one was a great sensory one for Emily. The reaction was the creation of this slimy worm like structures. Structures that Emily took great pleasure in playing with for some time. She jumped ahead slightly on this and didn’t actually make the delicate worms it was meant to make. Nevertheless, she got worms and had fun playing with them.

As this kit was the expanded version of her very first box Emily had already completed 3 of the experiments. Below are some pictures from that adventure.

Furthermore, you will also find the link to the post for her previous experiments. So check it out to find out about the disappearing Skittles!

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