Tuesday 23rd February 2021

Today we finally got down to Emily’s first Foodini postal kit.

All I can say is wow! It smelt Devine because of the mixed smell of the spiced mandarin Teabag, Cinnamon, Aniseed and cloves really is an amazing aromatic pleasure.

I have to admit I was highly impressed with this little kit. It came complete with a selection of recipes, an activity and a Science experiment. all based around this months subject of China for the Chinese New Year. Therefor this was a perfect fit with what we were doing last week when we learned all about the Chinese new Luna year.

However, I am kicking myself for not having found the time to do it last Saturday when it arrived as it would have been a superb end of the week activity.

Foodini Recipe: Sweet

Emily had been eagerly looking forward to this since it arrived and she really wasn’t disappointed!

After preparing the Pineapple for the Pineapple puffs. Next Emily decided to do the Craft project.
She worked hard and had a great time making her hanging decoration. All the while Her pineapple was slowly reducing down on the hob.

craft project:

Emily loved the activity too. Although a few steps were a little tricky for her. For Example, threading the golden string without breaking the card. Eventually, with a little help, she got there. The activity in this pack was this lovely hanging tasselled decoration.

Recipe 2: Savoury

Ok I won’t lie this recipe called for a lot of ingredients Emily doesn’t eat so it was greatly modified but she loved doing it and enjoyed it anyway.

her pineapple was still on the go at this point too so she was mastering her Multi tasking between her Tea, Pineapple and noodles. she did so well.

Foodini Drink recipe: Spiced Mandarin tea

This not only smelt absolutely gorgeous it tasted amazing too and that is coming from someone who hates tea!

We enjoyed this so much we might have actually brought more of the mandarin tea bags to make more. Emily really enjoyed this whole kit and can’t wait for the next one to appear.

we had a hob malfunction and burned the Pineapple so just to be on the safe side I brought some Pineapple jam along with extra new pineapple. As I am ADHD and off my meds for a while after some bad side effects. Therefore it may be a few days until I am level enough to be able to have another go at the Pineapple puff. However, I will definitely let you all know how they turn out when we get them done.