Today for the first time my Thomas beats a meltdown! By this I mean to actually acknowledge when asked that he was actually not coping and about to lose it. Furthermore, this time he didn’t spiral or slip into a full-blown meltdown. He stopped shouting at his sister instead shouted what he needed.

This is a huge step especially as he is now nearing 18 years old and progressing as an adult. Therefore for him to completely lose control now becomes dangerous just due to his size.

I am 38 and sometimes my explosions as I call them take me by surprise but being able to keep enough control when exploding is such a hard thing and something I wasn’t sure Thomas would be able to do but he bloody rocked it!

I am so proud it is such a huge thing! Although apparently, a congratulations for not losing your 💩 party isn’t appropriate! (party poopers lol)

Today Thomas Rocked and finally beats a meltdown!

if you would like to read more about how living with Autism or any of our Families other neurodivergent Conditions I have decided to start sharing them. I will be adding the good and bad from my life and the best parts of my children here. If you are Autistic and looking for help I highly recommend checking out Exceptional Individuals here.