Today we decided to have a go at making bubble bath!
The Children had come up with a set of homemade Christmas gifts for family one was homemade bubble bath.

However, to be honest we didn’t have a clue as to how to go about it from scratch. Not that we let it stop us. Thomas and Jessica had come up with their own ideas as to how it was made. Therefore we gave all of their ideas a go. Before long we were rummaging around the house looking for things to use in our very own Bubble bath making experiments. We made 4 different sorts most of which were great fun but failed.

We did finally come to find one that actually worked not so much as bubble bath but it did bubble and smelt amazing. It also left your skin feeling great as you would expect from a product crammed with Oats, Rosebuds and Lavender. If you are interested you will find our recipe here.

Our guys loved it so much they jumped straight into the bath and played for about an hour getting the mixture ratio just right.

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