Our 30 days wild challenge has started! June is one of our Favourite times of the year, it’s the time the wild awakens and the natural world starts to shine. Birdsongs, Bright green grass, bugs galore there is so much to see and hear it’s beautiful.

We love the outdoors and we do try to get out there as much as possible, we probably do this more in the winter than we do in the summer months as the sun brings out the people. But Spring and Autumn have to be the best times of the year.

In this series of 4 posts, we will give you a heads up to how we tackled our #30dayswild and some of the fun we got up to.

8th Day of Our 30 Days Wild Challenge

Today for Day 8 of our 30 days wild challenge we had a family picnic at Shearwater Lake with my mum, the girls and Duncan.

We had to pop and collect my mum first then popped to the shop to buy some lunch treats before meeting Duncan at the lakes car park. This time we didn’t walk very far we picked a spot outside the Boathouse and laid our picnic out. Chatted until Duncan had to go then mum read her book Jessica and Emily did some art while I did some work. On route back we refilled our milk bottles at Crockerton.

When we got home we had a quick change about mum left to head home and we took jess to her role as a young leader for the Cubs. While Jess was there we did Emily’s make-up walk.

Once home Thomas had organised and laid out dinner.

9th Day: Wylye River Stone hunting

Today we spent the afternoon down alongside the Wylye River. Emily took her geologists kit with her to go rock hunting. She had an amazing time stomping about the river looking for treasures. We took a picnic and she sat on the side of the river eating her packed lunch watching the water rush past.

10th Day: School work in the garden

Unfortunately, I didn’t get photos of the girls working hard today. However, both girls worked out in the sunshine with their tutor while I was cleaning up the house with windows and doors open.

11th Day: Gardening with Nanna

our 11th day was a Friday so I wasn’t at home with them but the girls were busy helping nanna plant up some of their mud and bloom seeds from last year.

12th Day: Playing in the Garden

While I was stuck in the office working with doors and windows open, Emily was playing outside with her ponies. She played for hours in the shade of a parasol playing with her newest My little Pony.

13th Day: Bike ride along Avon canal in BOA

Our 13th day of our 30 days wild was spend going for an evening ride along the Avon and Kennet Canal in Bradford on Avon. We were very impressed with Emily she managed a whole 10 miles (with a few stops along the way to feed ducks!

By time the day had cooled enough for a ride along the canal it was an evening ride but it was absolutely beautiful one.

14th Day of our 30 Days Wild Cycle to Shearwater

Today I didn’t have any work as I had the day off so we did a little school work in the garden while Jessica was at her Gold Arts award, after we collected her we got prepared for a cycle to Shearwater.

We left home and cycled to Bradley Road where we cycled into the forest and to shearwater lake. When we got there we all cooled off at a small stream before heading to meet Duncan at the carpark where he was waiting to take us back home. all in all our test ride was a big success.

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