Our 30 days wild challenge has started! June is one of our Favourite times of the year, it’s the time the wild awakens and the natural world starts to shine. Birdsongs, Bright green grass, bugs galore there is so much to see and hear it’s beautiful.

We love the outdoors and we do try to get out there as much as possible, we probably do this more in the winter than we do in the summer months as the sun brings out the people. But Spring and Autumn have to be the best times of the year.

In this series of 4 posts, we will give you a heads up to how we tackled our #30dayswild and some of the fun we got up to.

Our 30 Days Wild Day 15th Arts in the Wild!

The Girls loved our little hidden spot so much yesterday before we left they decided they wanted to go back. Bikes were out as Jessica had Young Leaders at scouts in the Evening so we decided right from the word go we would drive.

We planned our lunches, Packed our bags filling mine with the crafts left from Emily’s mud and Bloom boxes and we set off to Shearwater. We arrived just before 10:30am and walked around the lake and into the forest behind to our favourite little spot and laid out our blanket and started on the crafts.

We moved further into the shade after lunch as our little spot was in full sunlight from about midday till about 3pm so we just moved to the other side of the man made structure further down the stream.

We eventually left around 3:20pm in time to be home before the lake filled up with parents and children and be home to make dinner.

16th Day: Stourhead with Mum & Dad

For our 16th day we decided to take Duncan’s Mum and Dad to Stourhead for the day. We had 10-10:30am entry and booked a wheel chair for dad. We took our arts and crafts just encase they needed to stop for any length of time and we did get to get a little drawing in while we were there. Jessica also made friends with some ducks!

We had a lovely day enjoying the last of the sunshine this week. We had a sneaky Ice cream too.

17th Day: Bouncing in the Rain!

The hot dry days have come to an end and Emily was over the moon. Today was Emily’s day of rest so we had no plans to go out and had planned to jump in the hot tub but unfortunately, the weather took a turn on the cold side so we decided to watch the rain instead. Emily also decided to spend her wild time on her trampoline in the rain. She had found the hot weather hard and was pleased to see the rain again.

18th Day of our 30 Days Wild

Today Emily was back on her trampoline in the rain while I was at work so we didn’t get any pictures as their Nanna forgets to take them. They also went for a short walk in the town park again feeding ducks. She was however very excited to receive a bulk delivery of Banjo Robinson letters! they had gone astray in the post, I hadn’t even noticed before our mailman dropped them off. So she read through them all and replied to them all there and then.

19th Day of our 30 Days Wild

Today the weather is still a little dull and miserable so we had a bit of a cheat day and watched some programmes about bugs and sat watching the rain on the Patio doors. We were fortunate enough that the wind wasn’t blowing so sat with the door open Wrapping Duncan and Ben’s Fathers day gifts.

20th Day of our 30 Days wild

Today was Father’s Day and we had ordinally planned an outside family meal Unfortunately the weather again had other options (starting to think we may had had our summer now. So Instead we had to give up and have it inside and instead Emily went and danced in the rain.

21st Day of our 30 Days Wild

So being a Monday I was back to work again this day, it was wet and dreary and their Nanna gets cold so we didnt plan an outside activity and instead they “learned” about farming. I say they learned but the realism was as Jessica didn’t have her Arts award she instead played with Emily on the computer. They both fully believe it is in keeping with the “Wild” theme. I will let you choose personally I don’t think so lol.