Finally time for Jessica’s Birthday hike and wild camp in Dartmoor. She did all the planning and it was finally time to get going. We set off early on Saturday morning and arrived mid-morning ready to set off.

We made our way up to the Dartmoor via the Harford moor gate and followed the two moors way until we got near where she wanted to camp and there we headed across the moors towards Piles Copse. we went through the copse enjoying the views of the ancient forest before coming out and heading down the valley to camp just past the copse where camping is allowed.

The walk took us 8 hours to do the 7.19 miles (3hours 25minutes of walking time) It was a lovely day and the ancient woods was well worth the hike through although, to be honest, it was a bit of a scramble in places.

Happy Birthday Hike and wild camp!

It was a hard Hike but nothing compared to the second-day hike that started with climbing the valley! Day two was Jessica’s Birthday!!! 16 years old! It was a 10.87-mile hike of an elevation of 866ft! we completed that in 2 hours 56minutes of walking we left the spot about 7 am and made it to mc Donalds in newton Abbot before they stopped serving breakfast 🤣 however, we all had very sore feet and I didn’t make it to the parked car Duncan and the girls went on without me and met me with the car at the bottom of the Dartmoor gate path (I was so grateful for that!)

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