Emily’s 2nd day of Adventures at Farm School and she is absolutely loving it. She is very disappointed it stops over the summer.

Yet again I arrived home from work to loads of stories of all the things she got up to. Safe to say Emily is loving Farm school. It is worth every penny! I am so pleased she’s doing something she loves. Even better it’s a great start to her own day out of the house and back mixing too.

Adventures at Farm School

Unfortunately, no photos because this is done independently and with a group of other home educators. But here’s a little about how her day goes:

  • 9am drop off
  • Fun with the animals. Everything from milking cows, feeding sheep and letting out the ducks. Also other interactions with parts of farm life, each day has been different for Emily so far.
  • Lunch
  • Into farm garden to gather ingredients for cooking
  • Cooking! Today they made cheese muffins. These were made from the milk they milked from the cows Last friday. Last week they were also then taught to make cheese with.
  • Play in the stream (wet play) or Forest play (colder days)
  • Home at 3pm

She talks about doing so much this time they discovered a new! There is probably loads missed out but that’s roughly what they do.