Classic Christmas Bauble

This bauble is a classic Papercraft Christmas bauble is a more traditional paper bauble. This is a little more complex and can be a little fiddly. However, they make lovely gifts.

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A slight 10 circle adaptation of the bauble.

Classic Papercraft Christmas Bauble


  • 20 Circles
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Double sided tape
  • Ribbon, thread or twine
  • 1 Circle of thicker card


Time needed: 30 minutes

Please note more Photos will be added after we complete this craft again on Tuesday 7th December 2021

  1. Making a template

    First, take the thicker card circle, a pencil and ruler and draw an equilateral triangle within the circle. Make sure each corner of this triangle touches the edges of the circle.

    Next, Cut this triangle out this is your template to draw around.

  2. Marking your circles

    Secondly, taking your new template draw a triangle within all the 21 Circles on the plain side of each one.

  3. Scoring your flaps

    Next, Use your Ruler fold along the sides of each triangle in both directions first inwards then outwards.

  4. Preparing your pieces

    Now, take your circles and your double sided tape and place some on the plain side of the 3 tags.

  5. Top and Bottom

    Next, take 5 of the circles and stick them together first to the next, then first to the last to make the top.

    Then, repeat to make the bottom of your bauble.

  6. Middle section

    After, take the last 10 circles and stick one to another as pictured.

  7. Start to assemble your bauble

    Then, you need to attach the top and the middle together

  8. Finish the assembly of your bauble

    Afterwards, attach your bottom piece to the nearly finished bauble and ensure all flaps are firmly secured.

  9. Adding a hanging loop

    Finally, to finish your bauble, make a small hole in one of the joined flaps and thread through your desired length then cut and knot the two loose ends.

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