I swear our Family’s Christmas countdown gets later each year as the children get older!

Although, this year there is a very good reason for this! We are sharing this year’s Christmas antics with the Wiltshire Gift’s blog!

Together have arranged a competition sponsored by the lovely RJC Designs to offer a personalised letter from Santa. We have also decided to Join the Wiltshire Gift’s Blog to our Home ed one.

This will allow me to offer up some of our Christmas Crafts and activities with our WG blog. We hope these may provide others ideas on keeping the children entertained in the run up to Christmas.

So Starting from Tuesday 7th December we will be posting up an activity a day to Wiltshire Gifts.

Our Familie’s Christmas countdown

By joining the two blogs, I am trying to conserve enough time to be able to squeeze it all in.

So instead of having a long list of blog posts of activities on the WG’s blog. We will have one post on WG with a brief overview of the activities. Each activity will then have its own post here, along with our normal journal of the activity.

These will be added to our Wiltshire Gifts blog post as we do them throughout the next couple of weeks.

You can find these posts here as they become available.