This is how to play our Wiltshire Gift’s Christmas Bingo and the sheets required to print off to play.

Christmas Bingo:


  • Printed Wiltshire Gifts Bingo sheets 
  • Scissors
  • Bag


  1. Cut out each item on page 2 these are your Bingo “balls”
  2. place them in a bag shuffle well.
  3. pull cards from the bag one at a time and announce to which card it is to the players.
  4. Players with that picture on their playing card card, then mark of each matching picture as they are pulled from the bag.
  5. First to mark off all the pictures on their card wins. you can lengthen the game by offering up one line, two lines or even 3 lines before the full house (all pictures on the card)

We always offer “prizes” for winners never anything overly exciting maybe a sweet from the Christmas chocolates for winning of lines and then full house winner gets a sweet and to choose the next activity.

If you decide to give this craft a go then please share your creation using the hashtag #wiltshiregiftschristmas
To find out what we create this year watch out for the Children’s house going up on Wiltshire Gift’s Instagram and Facebook social media pages.

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