This post is a how to guide for using the Wiltshire Gift’s Children’s Activity of Mirror Drawing. We hope you enjoy them.

Mirror Drawing

If you decide to give this craft a go then please share your creation using the hashtag #wiltshiregiftschristmas
To find out what we create this year watch out for the Children’s house going up on Wiltshire Gift’s Instagram and Facebook social media pages.


  • Printed Wiltshire Gifts Mirror drawing sheets
  • Pencil or pen
  • Christmas music
  • Colouring pencils for after

Time needed: 10 minutes

  1. Get in the Christmas mood

    Maybe the most important step for any of these Christmas activities is being in a Christmasy mood. So I hereby give you permission to get on your family Favourite Christmas tracks and strongly encourage sporadic singing along of the all time classics as loud as you can.

  2. Print out the mirror drawing sheets 

    print out the sheet attached to the bottom of this post and pick one you want to do.

  3. Complete

    While singing along to your Christmas tunes complete your sheet by copying the half of the shape on your page on the opposite side completing the image.

    Sometimes it is easier to explain to a child by placing a Mirror down the centre line so they can see within the mirror what it is they need to draw.

  4. Colour

    Once your picture is complete why not colour it in just for a little more fun.

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