Honestly the best Christmas Chocolate Yule log recipe we have ever had the pleasure to gorge on!

Emily will be live on Monday 13th December at 2 pm. She will be making the Cake mix. However, due to the Gnash needing time to set overnight, this will be made prior to the event itself.

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Chocolate Yule Log Recipe


  • 4 large free-range eggs
  • 100g/3½oz caster sugar
  • 65g/2½oz self-raising flour
  • 40g/1½oz cocoa powder
  • 300ml/1/2pint double cream (for filling)

Required equipment:

  • Swiss Roll Tin (like or similar to *this one)
  • Baking Paper
  • chocolate fondue melter (This *one is similar to ours)
  • hand whisk or electric whisk
  • Electric mixer is optional but preferable
  1. Pre heat your oven to 200C or gas mark 6.
  2. Grease your tin then line fully (bottom and sides) with baking paper (this eases removing it)
  3. In a large bowl whisk together the Butter and sugar until lighter in colour and a soft texture.
  4. Shift Flour and cocoa powder together in an other bowl.

Gnash Recipe

Now some will read this and shake their heads. Now, this is because we do NOT use Cooking chocolate like nearly every recipe will demand. If you do not have a chocolate fondue melter then you will want to stick with my Alternative recipe. This is because you will need to use cooking chocolate and a different method too.

  • 300g Galaxy Chocolate
  • 300ml DoubleCream


  1. Melt chocolate in a little fondue chocolate melter.
  2. Add slowly and ensure it has all melted into a nice smooth consistency.
  3. Meanwhile, slowly warm the cream in a saucepan on a low heat stirring to remove hot spots.
  4. Once Chocolate is completely melted add to your milk
  5. Do NOT allow cream to boil or completely cool. If needed you can remove & add to heat as required to allow time melt all the required chocolate.
  6. Pour chocolate liquid Gnash into a heatproof bowl and allow to cool to room temperature
  7. Once cooled place in fridge overnight.

Don’t rewhisk or overwork the gnash take it straight from the fridge and using a spatular cover your Yule log use a fork to create the woody texture then place it back in the fridge to re set remove it just before eating.

Do NOT Trust your CAT! Our trouble maker Garfield happily licked the fresh cream from our Yule log while we were collecting Jessica from Work!

Our Mischievous Garfield

Traditional Gnash

  • Cooking Chocolate
  • Cream


  1. Grate melting chocolate up finely (you can chop however, we find it easier to grate using a cheese grater)
  2. place chocolate into heat proof bowl
  3. place your cream into a heavy bottom saucepan. (thicker bottom I believe is meant to be better however, I can’t remember why). Warm cream gentally until hot but NOT boiling.
  4. slowly add your grated chocolate until all melted and fully combined.
  5. Pour contents back into the heat proof bowl and allow to cool before placeing in the refridgerator overnight.

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