We are making homemade buttermilk scones today. Emily was looking forward to devouring these more than making them. We did 3 batches of scones which ended up making more than 30 scones!

We did three batches to use all 1 litre of buttermilk.
It also gave us a great opportunity to practice multiplying ingredients as well as changing amounts.

our Scales are old fashioned weighted scales with lb and oz brass weights.

This means Emily this cooking exercise covers lots of skills such as:

  • Converting amounts grams to pounds and oz
  • Working out max weight for Kenwood
  • Reading and comprehension of the recipe
  • Problem solving (recipe in grams our scale lbs and oz)
  • Learning independence

Homemade buttermilk scones recipe

450g or 1lb Self Raising flour

100g or 3oz Our Homemade Salted butter

85g or 2oz Golden Castor sugar

284ml our Homemade Buttermilk

2 tsp vanilla extract

Pinch of salt

1 egg for glazing.


Turn oven on to 200 (220 if your oven isn’t a fan oven).
This is to allow your Oven to get to temperature. We tried cooking a few in our halogen cooker and they actually came out ok and no heating time!

While your oven heats. Take your flour, salt and salt and place into your mixer (we used our K blade). Then mix until there are no lumps left.
You can do this by hand using your fingers if you would prefer or need to.

Emily preparing to mix the flour, butter and salt.

then mix in sugar and pulse through the mix (or mix with wooden spoon).

Once all your dry ingredients are combined gently warm your buttermilk and vanilla either on the hob or microwave.

In a large clean bowl slowly combine dry mix with the buttermilk. 1 Spoonful of dry and a splash of buttermilk at a time.
Repeat until all ingredients are fully combined (we our spare Kenwood bowl and used the Kenwood to mix the dough.

Rolling & cutting out your homemade buttermilk scone dough

Once you have completed, find yourself some space. If like us you are a bit of a ‘messy’ cook. Now may be the perfect time for a quick tidy up!

Cover a baking sheet with greaseproof paper. Spread some flour on your prepared surface before placing your dough onto the dusted surface.

Roll your dough to about 4cm thick and using round cutters. Cut out as many as you can and place on the prepared tray. Then re roll the dough and repeat the process until all dough is used up.

Emily cutting out her homemade buttermilk scones

Once you have cut all your homemade buttermilk scones and got them all onto the baking tray.

Make up your glaze with a splash of buttermilk and your egg whisked. Using a pastry brush gentle grazing the top’s of your scones.

Emily Glazing her Scones with her egg and homemade buttermilk mix.

Now it’s just time to cook your scones for 10- 12 minutes until golden brown.

Our Scones cooking.

Let them cool and pop to the shop for clotted cream and your favourite Jam.

If you would like to check out anymore of our recipes you can find them here. If you would like to keep up with us between blog posts. You can find us on both Facebook and Instagram. For the recipe of making the butter and buttermilk you can find that here.