We are having a lazy day and went for a hands on education with Emily’s 2 kiwi crates. Today we are exploring Brazil and building a crane.

Hands on Education with the Brazil Atlas crate.

In Emily’s Atlas crate Emily got to learn all about Brazil. Each Atlas crate comes including

  • An activity: Make a Three-Toed Sloth
  • Pages for their own adventure book: 4 pages
  • A recipe card: Brigadeiro’s

Information within the pages for the adventure book goes as follows:

  • information about tourism,
  • a journal about Anya and Milo’s trip to Brazil,
  • Interesting fact about one of the country’s landmarks,
  • the geology,
  • some information about a legend stemming from the natives
  • information about the rain forest
  • activity of learning the Samba.

Emily loved making the sloth who has found a new home hanging from the dining room table. (continues to do so even now in 2023 joined by Jessica’s Red Panda made within her Gold Arts award.)

She gave it a go trying to do the Samba with Jess and Caoimhe. We are yet to try making the Chocolate treats we still plan to try them for Christmas gifts.

While we didn’t get to make them KiwiCo have this video all about them.

Hands on Education with the Tinker crate

Emily’s Tinker crate this month is the Wooden Crane. She did really well at making it by herself. However Jess did help her out with the fiddly job of doing up the nuts and bolts which were beyond Emily’s fine motor skills.

She thoroughly enjoyed playing with her completed crane.

We love these Tinker Crates. the instructions are written so well. Emily is Dyslexic as well as ASD and ADHD. which means she struggles with reading and understanding what she is reading. It also means she struggles to keep focused and with concentration.

Despite this because of the way the instructions are written for these Emily not only finds them easy to work out alone but also can keep focused on the tasks.

Unfortunately, which some she needs help with some of the fiddly bit but not so many that she finds herself unable to do any of it.

Kiwi has an amazing video showing how to put the crane together too and you can watch it below.

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