Emily couldn’t wait to open her first Eureka crate and get stuck in making her desk lamp. It was more of a challenge than our previous Kiwi crates but Emily did it all by herself and I was so proud of her for it.

The instructions for these can be harder to work out, it is the same style as the other crates. However the project in itself being that much more complex it took a little more brain power to understand.

This create covers

  • Mechanical Equilibrium
  • Science of Silicone
  • Invention of Balanced-Arm Lamps

When you open the box you have the instructions and bags of components.

What’s in the box!

Making the Desk lamp!

So we started by laying out all the bits and pieces to ensure we had everything. We also checked to make sure the Light worked.

Once everything was all laid out and we knew we had everything Emily started putting it together.


Absolutely brilliant activity. I wish i could find a UK based company doing them than having to use one based in America but we haven’t been disappointed yet.

I will admit Keeping focus and concentration isn’t easy for us. Especially with the way My ADHD is at the moment. Emily and I end up bouncing off each other so it only takes for one of us to get the wriggles and we end up off task.

This makes concertation even more of a challenge and the day we did this we were both rather bouncy off Emily’s excitement.

Despite this we survived and the end result was a working adjustable lamp.


  • Can’t replace the Light bulb!
  • Lampshade is very Narrow.

I was a little disappointed to find the bulb is directly wired so when this bulb blows you cant replace it. We had hoped to swap the bulb out for a Hue so we didn’t have to use a smart plug on it.

The lampshade when finished is very narrowed so only directs light to a narrow section, Fab if you want that but it isn’t really posable in enough positions to be any use like that. Lampshade prevents it lighting up a larger area which it would be perfect for.

So with the shade they provide not really fit for use on a desk. We plan to change this by making a new lampshade for it so it suits our needs as we want it to be functional.


  • Practical
  • Great fun
  • lots of fine motor skill practice

This project was great because not only was it good for real life fine motor skill practice, this is something Emily has issues with although thanks to our practicing them her issues are now very minor and practice is great and this certainly challenged her skills.

It is a practical thing, most of these crates activities aren’t really practical, they are fun to make and play with but over time they end up in landfill. This one actually has a practical use which I love.

It was great fun from start to finish.

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