Journal post Monday 18th April 2011

Today Monday 18th April 2011 the kids are filling out their bean diaries. We haven’t had much time to sit down since they started growing their beans last Monday. Therefore they are filling out their observations for day one, as well as day seven.

Today is a bit of an off day today, Because the neighbours children all go to school. They are outside playing and running around as they are on holiday.

This has left them both a little distracted. Thomas and Jessica is on their 2nd copy of their bean dairy. Unfortunately Jessica knocked water over first one copies.

As a result I have had to say if they didn’t buckle down they will be doing it at group tomorrow. The idea of missing out playing with friends had the desired effect. They completed their work pretty quickly after that.

There is always tomorrow

This has to be one of the bad things about living so close to children who attend a school. My children don’t understand quite why they aren’t having to do work.

I hope as they get older they will understand more. Thomas and Jessica may not get weeks and weeks off every two seconds. Mainly because they don’t need it their work isn’t so intensive.
Home ed has less distractions and is on a 121 basis. They aren’t sat still at a table for hours on end having to concentrate.

Unfortunately they don’t remember school. Jessica only did 4 months in a school. I am grateful Thomas doesn’t remember what happened to him. Alas it has it’s downside as it means they think what they have here is the same as what next doors Girls have in a class.

Once they finished their bean diary’s, we left it at that for the day. They played with next doors girls happily.

There wasn’t any point getting stressed about it. Just because they weren’t able to achieve the same amount they normally do. Considering how distracted they were they did a fantastic job.

Hopefully next door will take the girls out for a little while tomorrow or I may take the kids to work in the field.

Thankfully our neighbours are the sort to take their children out, have fun and enjoy their children while they are home.

Today is one of the harder days of home schooling, despite this I still love it. Even on a day like this where it has been stressful, seeing their self satisfaction once they have finished their work is worth it.

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