Today Thursday 21st April 2011. We had a She met at our house today. The group started with us walking the children over to the field to start the group with them playing outside on the field opposite.

Thursday 21st April 2011

Once they had run around and burned off some of their excitement. Mandi brought them back to the table pre laid ready for them to make themselves some mini baguette pizza’s.

This was followed by book club, they all told each other about what happens in the books they are reading. They discussed what they enjoyed or didn’t enjoy about the books.

The books they all brought to show and talk about were all different types of books. We had an amazing range of stories being talked about.

  • Jigsaw story book.
  • Jigsaw Puzzle story book.
  • An adventure book about saving the world. While reading get codes to go online and complete a¬†challenge¬†which gives a missing chapter of the book before going back to the book to continue reading.
  • A book about different sorts of fairies,
  • Famous well known little red tractor.
  • A talking flower known as fifi.

They then made their own books while we hid some Easter surprises. We hid them inside the back garden and around the front.

Thomas tried to make a puzzle book like his favourite book.
Jessica’s was all about the tooth fairy.
Cory did a reference book about sharks
Jack did a picture book which he will get daddy to fill in the storey for him at home,
Jade did a book about Tinkabell I believe

I didn’t catch the books the others did before they left.

They then did an Easter Egg hunt. They got to fill their basket with a cake and some Easter eggs.

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