Well today went well didn’t get any written work done but they say and had some pretty interesting conversations with grandad about trenches and life for people in the past even asking what it was like for grandad and looking at some old English currency and deciding that although today’s money was easier the older money did have better names than penny, two pence, fifty p or quid lol Thomas particularly took a shine to a crown even if it didn’t look like a crown.

Jess made a wonderful salad for lunch for us and they both helped look after emily (Jessica even got her to a potty when she needed it once and I had my hands full) and thankfully dad is back on his feet again and I have spoken to the doctor about his medications and he has been given some new ones so hopefully they will keep him going a while butt looking at his levels over Christmas have to wonder if seasonal treats got the better of him :0)

So we are all in bed now and off home tomorrow will be nice to see my man especially as this is the first time in. 9years we weren’t together for our anniversary but it was important