Well today we took it easy we were still at my dads but the kids just done some alphabet practice and some simple maths and reading today as dad was out of source so I couldn’t give undivided attention so left them with something I knew they could do unaided but think it will come back to bite me come tomorrow as I don’t like them doing “boring” work but they did seen quiet happy and eager considering they did 3 lines of each letter both capitals and lowercase instead of 1 line! They also did some hand writing practise waves and joining e’s ect of their own backs I think in their own way they understood.

Something that constantly surprises me about home education is I have found my children become more independent while staying young (it’s hard to explain but they seem to understand more without understanding completely ie understanding that their grandad needs my help so not being bothered or making a fuss about the work they are doing but at the same time they got distracted and played instead of working but when asked if they were ok just jumping up getting back to it without being asked stating they were just taking a break because their toys were being naughty or her baby was crying so still having the imagination that can be so easily lost but at the same time they seemed to understand they needed to do the work and I didn’t have the time or to be honest energy or patience for them to mess around moan or winge about having to do boring work so helped me by getting on with it they were amazing bless them)

My kids have been coped up not only inside but also inside a small 2 bedroom flat with limited toys which some of which are too young for them but have been really well behaved something I didn’t think would be possible when we first started as when we first started they were at a constant battle for my attention when they weren’t at school they seemed such hard work when they were at home I almost dreaded home schooling and when we realised it was looking like the only option I worried about how I would cope and now 18 months down the line they are such different children confident and happy. They don’t seem to demand my attention all the time and they never seemed to either it was like someone flicked a switch and over night they went from mischievous children looking for the next thing they could argue over or do to get attention to happily contented children who just know that if they wait their turn they will get their turn and find something to occupy themselves in the meantime it’s very odd really they do start misbehaving if starved of attention one on one for too long (a few days) but a seem to be happy now of they have to share attention with each other providing they get a few minutes each day.

Thomas said today when I told them how good they had been “it’s ok mummy we will be home in a couple of days but could you just read us this when you get time” how many 8 year olds realise that sometimes other people need mummy’s attention and if you ask for what you want you can get it! Maybe this is how 8year olds are who do go to school but I am yet to meet one he knew that if he just asked nicely and was prepared to wait I would read them their story (hairy mcclary from Donaldson dairy) which I did their and then and again later when they finished their work they played a while then asked if they could watch a film for their fun work time as I was busy so sat and watched the bee movie and I could hear them discussing the buzz noise and beeps that they heard talking about how they were there onomatopoeia’s they had been learning about and also trying to teach Emily a few.