Today I was still ill and went to see the doctor which was the start of the fun as I drop Jessica off to Gymnastics to go down to my doctors Appointment not really thinking anything of it to find out I was being sent straight to hospital for oxygen :0( poor Jess was luckily picked up by a friend of mine who not
Only works in the hospital and was headed to work anyway but also happened to work on my ward lol

So 2 hours later the release me with a prescription and we head home again once my blood oxygen level was brought up to a 96 from a 20-30 (funny enough cant remember what it was I think it was one of those but apparently it was very low and I was ordered bedrest until tablets worked didn’t happen but told them it did ha ha)

Anyway we got home in time for dinner and bed and managed to get Thomas a new prescription for his strattera so not a complete waste lol