Well been a bit hectic here but fill you in with that on an other post this post is about the children’s birthday party :0)

It wasn’t a big thing but they enjoyed it Jessica and Emily had their cousins come and Thomas had Sam and her two boys (Nathan and Stanley) and Kate brought Danny over and all of them played beautifully.

Mum brought the girls as Helen and Dave were working and Janet and Ben came down too Jessica made the cake and helped with the cake decorations.


she also helped make the muffins and the biscuits the children planned the hole thing from what toys they were going to have out to the food and drink on the table.









They took the pictures too!

Anyway the girls all played outside in the garden with the bats and balls and I think Emily showed them all around her play house at one point.




And the boys hid away inside playing on sky landers and little big planet 2.

Once everyone had left we had a quick tidy up (I had to take Emily up for a bath so mum and the girls could go as she was adamant they either take her too or stay lol) and then we played on little big planet 2 together while I cooked a few chips and chicken nuggets and we had chips, chicken nuggets, mini sausages, sausage rolls, cucumber sticks, carrot sticks, sweet pepper sticks and anything else that was left over for dinner and watched Jessica’s new film for family night. Then they all went up to bed very tired and completely worn out so all in all a good day all around.