Well today was also a slightly boring one I had an appointment with the Asthma Nurse so we went to see her and then had a prescription to collect so we trolled around Amesbury for a little bit had a look in some of the local shops and realized there was actually more there than we realized before including a fab little bike shop that sold 2nd hand bikes and fishing equipment and a lovely flooring place in which I found some nice carpet to save up for and Thomas found a really cool Rug he likes (looks like fake grass its great).


We then popped into the Co-op for a Bottle of cold water to share and eventually my Inhaler was ready for collection and we made it home again by passing the Park for 30 minutes or so until I got to hot and needed to get indoors and cool down.


My Asthma has been really playing up in the past few days and has completely knock the wind from my sails as every time I get hot my chest tightens up stopping me right in my tracks lol but on the bright side of life its the OLYMPICS so plenty to watch scream and shout about :0)