we have done loads over the Christmas period and just before but in between food poisoning and the normal Pre and Post Christmas Madness I really haven’t found the time to update the blog so as I slowly update with all our wonderful projects and activities right up to date I thought I would do a quick post of what they have been up too.



Our Christmas packed with all the Home Made goodies the Children have made for our loved ones.20121223-092048.jpg20121223-092055.jpg20121223-092109.jpg20121223-092116.jpg20121223-092126.jpg


A small selection of their finished Home made Pamper packs and goody packs made and arranged for their Cousins and Uncle for Christmas.



Christmas is always a time for new Sleep ware in our house and Emily loves her new Onesie.



We went for a Home Education trip to Bath and the children loved their day with friends at the Roman Baths in the City of Bath.


I can be Tiring having daddy home from work all the play fights and extra tumberling around really takes it out of a little one.


A Special little Girl’s 3rd Birthday was extra Special as she got to share it with Nana, Grandpa Ben, Granny, Daddy, Mummy, Thomas and Jessica over a special dinner and birthday tea.



A couple of the beautiful Presents the children made for their Grandparents.



Our Junior Tumbler got her first Certificate for the Most Improved of the Term in Gymnastics.

IMG_6095 IMG_6096

Hide and Seek Games (even when no one knows your hiding!)

IMG_3065 IMG_3064

Playing with blocks.

IMG_6101 IMG_6103 IMG_6111 IMG_6112

Gymnastics and Trampolining Classes


Monopoly games (whose Chirstmas would be complete without time spent around a board game)IMG_6207 IMG_6210 IMG_6222

A Special Visitor who Left some very special little people some very special Presents.

IMG_6366 IMG_6367 IMG_6328 IMG_6368 IMG_6369


Moshi Monster Clay Buddies Creating and Chalk Board Drawing



Flying Rocket Ships

IMG_6378 IMG_6381 IMG_6382

Arduino creating and Coding with Daddy.

IMG_6386 IMG_6387

Visiting Great Grandparents.

IMG_6416 Chilling………………..

and So much more!