Today we went to Clare’s house we spent some time there just mine and her kids and then were joined later on by an other Friend Natalie with her children.

So Jessica did some cooking with Chloe (14 this year) she taught her how to make cookie dough and Fudge cakes then Natalie came and Jessica went upstairs with Chloe and had a make over (hair brushed a little bit of eye shadow and nails painted) and they watched a film together, Thomas and Jake spent most of the day on the PS3 playing various games from little big planet to Guitar Hero and Emily played with Jamie when Natalie came Dalton joined the big boys (bless him he did well to keep up and the boys were pretty good at slowing down and helping him stay alive as much as possible which for tom is such a big thing bless him he does seem to forget others) and little Arabella joined in with Emily and Jamie and they made biscuits (well played with the dough and eat it) and where could joined in with Jessica and Chloe but the big age gap did mean she couldn’t join in with it all. But they were all so good its nice because arabella is only just a little but older than emily and emily a couple of months different than Jamie so they are all around the same age Thomas is only a year younger than jake and it is so nice to see him playing with an older boy who isn’t nearly an adult or who is also ADHD or autistic so means they are younger than there age which his home ed friends are so was lovely to see him with a little boy who was older and calm (not that it isn’t nice to see him playing with his other friends but this was different i didn’t have to worry about him as much as normal Jake had a calming effect on Thomas) and seeing him follow jakes lead with Dalton thinking to include him and also making sure he knew what he was doing and trying to make sure he didn’t die in the games they played was so nice to see him being an older child.

Anyway they all had great fun and stayed for pizza for tea and made it home just before daddy (literally just he was directly behind us lol)