I Can’t help but feel anything other than blessed with the family I have around me. This weekend my lovely Mum and Dad came over to help with the counter shuffle you see when we brought this house we acquired an awfully small built in Fridge and freezer which basically just wasted space leaving our Dishwasher in a friends Garage and our tumble drier shoved in a corner wasting space.


as lovely as the kitchen we got was we had 120 cm of wasted space in the form of the two end cupboard doors which were in fact a fridge and freezer.

now have a chest freezer of our own and did also have an under counter fridge we had to get rid of when we moved into here because of this built in one and have recently brought the large larder fridge we never did need this but when we first moved in having always known the small fridges were no good for a family of 5 and needing to replace ours anyway we kept them both to start with for no other reason than to just be able to move in as quickly as possible and delay the hassle of swapping it all around once we got over Christmas and the new year.

Well this weekend my Dad has slogged himself to not only pull out the fridge and freezer but also to remove the units from the opposite side of the kitchen from next to the dishwasher and move them to where the fridge and freezer were. he then went on to get in our dishwasher washing machine and tumble drier making a hole in the brick wall for the tumble drier vent so we no longer have to have the doors wide open and the hose running across the floor and out of it to use it.

it doesn’t sound like much but it was and even though the dishwasher is still awaiting him to do the plumbing for it it makes an amazing difference.


once emptied and the units removed we had the first proper look at the pipes unfortunately like all the rooms in this house the work that has bee done has been done well but wrong and bodged at the same time in this case the pipes ran down the back then through a hole in the sides of the units with big gaps in the back and sides of most of the cupboards.

luckily the carcasses themselves are well built ones so handled the removal easily.


the units fitted nicely into the space made by removing the integrated fridge and freezer.


the washing machine plumbed in but sticking out until dad comes back to re do all the plumbing properly and installing the washing machine too but it will look fantastic once all finished in a couple of weeks and the biggest bonus is they are taking Emily back with them so we can decorate Thomas’ Bedroom!








From this / to This /: (added Photos after we finished)

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wpid-wp-1436443277654.jpeg wpid-wp-1436443220730.jpeg wpid-wp-1436439774008.jpeg


We also Saturday afternoon went to Watch the Minions in the cinema can I just say completely amazingly funny film loved by all of us. once we returned home Emily left with them and went for a lovely week with her Nanna and Grandad. :0)