Holiday Time! this one was kept a secret from the kids and OMG I actually managed to keep a secret! Ok so I only managed to keep 2 out of the 3 secrets but hey I normally can’t keep any!

This week (14TH- 18th SEPTEMBER 2015) we spent an amazing week at the coast in the same Dorset town of Dawlish. I have found my favourite coastal town!

Holiday time!

We made it to Dawlish about 2:30pm on the Monday. We rented a caravan at the Dawlish Sands Caravan park.

Duncan dropped Myself, mum and the kids off to the beach and then Duncan went to “parked up”. Obviously at this point the kids didn’t know what we were up too. We told them we were going for a drive to have a holiday sleeping in the car.

So obviously Duncan was actually sneaking off for our Caravan keys and to signed us into the park! While Duncan was searching for a parking spot. The children and I sat eating pizza and watching the wind in the long grass.

Once we were all finished eating, we went for a walk along the beach and found a jellyfish. Emily also got all excited over the stones on the beach so all three started to collect up some pretty ones.

Then it was time to go to meet Duncan at the Amusement Arcades. We then took them on the 1/4 mile walk back to where the car was parked. by this time it was 5pm

They then collected some pretty stones and shells before meeting daddy at the amusement arcades.

We then walked up to the car which was only about 1/4 mile away but the kids were not amused by now it was 5pm and not only were the hungry again but they were also tired.


Duncan suggested a short cut through a holiday Park and Emily was the first to spot our car. It was parked next to a caravan!

Well she chirped up with “I see our car!!” from her seat on daddies shoulders and I think she realised that must mean we are staying there. However, for Emilia it didn’t and she didn’t twig until we had gone through the door of the caravan and sat down.

She had read the welcome pack saying Duncan Brown  3 adults and 3 children for 4 nights. At which point she got all excited.

After unpacking making tea and cleaning up we took the older 2 to the clubhouse for the entertainment. We didn’t stay long as they were tired but they got in a few games.

The Adventures of Day 2

Today, we decided to stay close to the Van today and parked up. We walked down to the village where we went for a wander through the shops on the high street in Dawlish.

We spotted not only the black swans but also some of my personal favourites some Muscovy Ducks. There was bunting up everywhere helping to give a wonderful feel to the village.

We stopped for ice cream before we walked down to the seafront and looked out as the sea came rushing in.

We really enjoyed our time on the seafront and the views were truly beautiful.

As lovely as the sea front was the children rated the Ice cream munching as their “best bit so far”

We then headed back to the Caravan where we had a quite afternoon and ventured to the parks swimming pool.

After dinner we took all three children to the clubhouse for the games time. Jessica won herself a certificate and Emilia won herself a Minion from the amusement arcade machine.

Stormy sea’s can’t stop us!

Today was a much easier day and a recover day. We had a very lazy morning before heading in the car to Dawlish warren. Weather predicted a storm so we hadn’t planned much. However, the skies were clear and the weather warm so we decided to make most of the good weather and head for a short walk along the warren. We were lucky enough to be back in the warm by time the storm came.

A walk along the promenade.

Our short walk took us from the beach, walked under the tracks to get to the amusement park. Here the children all picked out buckets and spades. Where new goodies in hand to headed to the beach.

Unfortunately, We had missed the low tide and the sea was not only right up but also a little on the wild side. So we took a stroll along the promenade instead.

The water was truly amazing to watch. As it threw itself at the rocks and steps we sat and watched it for a quite a while with the children loving seeing the waves swallowing up the rocks.

I have to admit that these have to be my favourite Photos of this day.
One of my mum who has always loved the sea. She is just staring out into the distance enjoying the sounds, smells and views the promenade had to offer.
The other was the one of my little Emily, feeling a little fed up as she slowly came to realise no matter how far along the coast we walked there didn’t seem to be any sand for her to play with.
As she slumped down on the curb and stared down at the pavement, this sullen contemplation didn’t last long. She soon spotted a train bridge which obviously had to be explored!

Trains To cheer up an Emily.

So in true geek like fashion off we all went to investigate the beautiful bridge and of course if your going to climb a train bridge you have to wait for a train or 2 to pass under you.

Camera Fun for me!

so after spending a little while taking pictures of the sea breaking against the rocks we headed toward the naturally made Arch to get a few pictures.

Cold chilly and No Trousers!

By now the weather had turned a little chilly. Emilia had pretty much covered every pair of trousers we had packed for her in mud. She is still not completely steady on her feet especially when fighting steps. So the puddle at the bottom of the steps for the Caravan has left her warm clothes short.

We left her and Duncan to explore the Go karts and went window shopping for either some wellies or new trousers (or preferably both).

We stood and watched while they got in a few laps before meeting them at the shops.

Although we were unable to buy Emilia new wellies we did get a pair of trousers for her and they allowed her to change in the changing room.

Mum and I took the two youngest to the car while Duncan and Emilia went to grab some Chips to warm everyone up and keep them going a little longer it was nearly midday. We still had a quick shop to do and after walking 4 miles around the coast the children (and Adults alike) were getting peckish.

We didn’t do much in the afternoon and in actual fact spent the afternoon after getting back to the van in the pool with the kids while granny caught up with a few ZZZs and cooked tea for herself and the kids.

Duncan and I then left them snuggled on the sofa with granny and we went to explore the nightlife of Dawlish.

Evening for 2!

Come 5pm there isn’t really much to do outside of the Warren where all the pubs stay open promising Football and Darts which really isn’t us.

If your idea of a nice evening out is sports bar type then Dawlish is perfect. There were a number of bars offering oversized TV screens for some sporting event or other.

For us though we struggled to find somewhere more our style saw us walking back along the River as Dusk settled in the air.

Honestly the Photo’s I managed to get before my phones battery died do no judice to the amazing views the reflections of the stringed lights on the rippling water was as breath taking.

We soon came to this wonderful little pub tucked on the corner facing the seafront. Here we stopped and spent the evening having a meal while watching the storm. The sea was rising high above the walls and tracks in bouts of dancing water reflecting the street lamps against the darkening sky creating wonderful dancing light bursts.

We both went in and enjoyed a Burger and Chips meal and a couple of Cokes talking and enjoying a little rare chance of just enjoying each others company without the distractions of home or children.

After eating and talking for a bit the Pub got a little loud to be comfortable so we went for a night time walk back to the car stopping briefly at a safe distance to watch the stormy sea from under the train bridge.

Day trip to Babbacombe Model Village

Babbacombe Model Village was our heading today. The kids couldn’t wait we planned our visit out. We planned to enter twice popping out for food half way through the day. Once we got there we paid £3 for 2 hours parking and headed in with our tickets which were bought online before we left home.

It took us about 2 hours to walk around the whole place the first time. We didn’t rush through, but we also made sure we had things to see again when we returned later that day to see it all lit up.

I wonder if you can spot the Cat? I don’t mean a small model one I mean a a normal cat enjoying the sun on the warm felted roof of the Stadium?

The attention to detail in the models are really amazing. I honestly recommend a visit.

I actually enjoyed trying to find different ways to capture the work that has gone into the making of the models.

Free Mini Golf!

The kids especially enjoyed the free mini golf going back 2-3 times for a game.

We really did have a wonderful time walking around and had a quick look in their reasonably priced gift shop and they had a little something for an child’s pocket money allowance. Jessica has always been a saver so she brought a find your own pearl necklace which was £9.99. Emilia brought a Pirate Bracelet for £2.99 and Emily a Tinkerbell necklace of the same price at £2.99. However, they also had pencils from 60p little note books etc

After leaving the model village for the first time we then headed back to the car to find somewhere to park for our prepacked picnic and found just a short drive away a little car park by the coast in which to sit and dine.

the views were as idyllic as the rest of this coast. Our lunchtime picnic spot views. They really were something quite special.

After Lunch adventure to Torquay

We then headed into Torquay to have a wander around the fisherman’s port and have a little look in the shops.

The little coastal town was nice but the shops weren’t unique and we preferred the shops in Dawlish itself offering something a little less commonplace than what was on offer here. But the docks itself is was lovely and we enjoyed sitting on a bench watching the water flow out of the keep.

As you will probably know already. I love taking photos of my kids, Trees and anything else that catches my eye. Here are a few of my favourites from our day today.

Around 2:30pm we decided it was time for a drink so popped into Debenhams. We were here for 2 hours and the parking cost was about £3.30 here.

Paignton’s FREE beachside Adventure Playground

Next we headed to Paignton. Parking here cost us £1.20 for an hour but as by now it was 4pm it took us over to the non chargeable time and we could use this ticket again when we returned to Babbacombe. So it was the last of the parking charges we had to pay.

The Park  here was the reason we drove to Paignton and was well worth it! The children played for the best park of 2 and a half hours.

The park had a wide range of things in it from a very unique child version of the hamster wheel. To a wooden adventure playground with zip wire, slides and an assault course.

The Flagship for Dinner

Eventually the children became hungry and we took them into the child friendly pub next to the park called the Flagship.

It cost about £40 for all 6 of us to eat which I felt was quite reasonable. The adults had paid for drinks but the children had a jug of tap water with their meals.

The food was lovely, the staff were friendly and happy too help which always makes a different to families with Autistic or ADHD children.

Back to the Model Village

It was soon time to pile back in the car just in time for the rain to start! Talking about perfect timings.

There was a 30 minute drive back to Babbacombe. We actually spent the first part of the journey chasing a rainbow until the rain stopped.

We were actually very lucky during this holiday the rain only came when we were in the dry. Our whole holiday was dry skies while we were adventuring the coast.

When we made it back to the model village, this time we spent 2-3 hours walking around noticing things missed first time around.

The children spent the last of their money on the £1 per play remote control boats and cars and they loved peering through all the lite up windows of the model houses.

Once back to the van everyone was pleased to see their beds and morning was spent rounding up all our stuff  before leaving.

We took a leisurely drive back home. There really is no place like home especially when the caravans Double was more a wide single and were used to a King size.

The whole holiday was so much more special having my mum with us. We tried to holiday with the parents when we can as holidays with grandparents are always special for the kids.

If you would like to read more about our holidays and family days out you can find them here. Also as ever we can also be found on both Facebook and Instagram.