Well older two are camping tonight after completing a 6 mile hike from Shearwater Lake to Stourhead Camp. 

(Update: they completed 18 miles in their weekend hike between the 2 days)

We have been driving the kids bits around today, took a trailer of brother in laws rubbish to the tip before lunch then headed to Stourhead campsite.

From there leaving the van in the field we walked the short distance to Stourhead house and gardens and went around the house while we waited for the scouts to emerge from their hike.

We only did the house as it started to rain and got wet enough walking back to the van.

We the played the bestest letter game (Emily chooses letters and we all name things beginning with that letter and then decide which letter is the best based on the words that are said i.e. B won today because we came up with lots of Fun words for it Banana, Balloons, Bangers, Bang, Band and Blocks being some of Emily’s favourites).

Eventually a gaggle of very tired and damp scouts appeared through the trees and we got into action setting up the tents.
Once the tents were up the kids were settled and the van was fully unloaded we popped to local shop for carrier bags (to put feet in so they stay dry in damp shoes) and left them to settle in for the night.

Been a lovely if somewhat tiring day but They did well poor tom has very sore feet after walking all that way on his tiptoes and he may not be able to make it back but he gave it a good go and did amazingly well.