Today Paul came in the morning and kids had their week off while we ploughed ahead with our plans, Emily read to him and jess showed him what she had done before disappearing for their down day.

I have to say so far this routine is doing well, we have an activity week where we do things on the Thursday after Paul and then a down day the following week on a Thursday.

So our week looks like this

Monday (I’m at work, Tom at college) girls enjoy a day with nanna going to craft club twice a month and then on alternate week (to fit in with activity and down week) they have a down day.

Pm after work they have cadets (Jessica) and explorers (tom)

Tuesday (activity week) we go out for the day on a preplanned trip (to a friends for activities or trip to museum etc)

(Down week) we spend the day at home doing sat down work

Pm Emily has cubs Jessica camera club (should it be one of the meetings of interest to her)

Wednesday tom has college we go and see cheeky onroute home and then home to make lunch we then pop to see my friend to eat lunch after lunch we pick up an other friends little girl and have home ed group.

Home for early dinner and then housework and chill until bedtime.

Thursdays (activity week) I work with Paul in the morning and we plan the upcoming two weeks. We then make lunch and do an activity together at home (play a board game, read a book together or just sit around and talk and be silly, silliest dance competitions or all on minecraft for a while, then we tidy up and all go for personal time.

(Down week) they sit and do work with Paul while I get on and tidy up do washing or do planning, after Paul’s gone we head to Warminster and have some lunch out head to library change books pick up a treat and head home to read together before dinner etc

Emily has swimming lesson and Jessica then has scouts.

Friday i work tom at college (grannies day!!) My mum (granny) has the kids she sits does an activity with them before togging up to go and get a meal deal (highlight of kids week) and play in the park for the afternoon until they are all cold then come home to thaw out and they are then allowed to do what they want until I get home and we pile in car with dogs walk dogs before picking tom up.

Saturday our day of rest!

Sunday(activity week) go out to walk dogs or do something all together

(Down week) kids chill I get housework done.

Sometimes weekend days swap we will have a busy Saturday quite Sunday or a bit of both.

Touch wood so far it seems to be working well and everyone feels they get enough time to chill and we seem to be achieving enough written work too.