Today was the day of toms hike and camp, he did us so proud the college had overloaded him the day before (not intentionally and we now have better communication in place to ensure it doesn’t happen again as it did have some negative reactions from tom Monday) anyway he had suffered a rough day at college the Friday and he was so tired but he really wanted to do this to earn his badge they should have been walking from the Westbury white horse to Nicks house to camp in his field before the next day walking onto the scout hut tom did really well and managed most of the first half even if he was a way behind the rest of the explorers (this hike had NO Adult involvement they picked their route they had their compasses and maps plenty of snacks and water and were doing it alone! Well followed some way by Russ a scout leader) and tom managed the Westbury to Warminster part of the route and even helped get the tent up but he then went straight to sleep and even on a night as cold as that one slept from 6:30pm till 10am straight through in the tent.

While he was having his hike we took the dogs around a walk around the Westbury white horse where the scouts met up to start the hike.

It was a cold but beautiful morning out even the moon was still visible in the morning sky.

Sunday 25th February 2018

The next day the leader and other explorers tried to wake him but struggled to get him up but he did do it by time it was needed he got dressed and started walking to complete the hike but only made it as far as his nanas house (Nick living on the same road as our old house where nana and grandad now live) and he went off and knocked and naturally both nick and nana phoned us and Duncan went to collect him in the car (he honestly couldn’t walk an other step bless him) so he made it home had a bath and went straight to bed which is where he stayed until time for dinner he came down eat and went straight back up to sleep.