Well tom spent the whole day again in bed sleeping as he had Monday missing college in an emotional meltdown because he was too tired and he didn’t want to go back and do sports all day again and he was never going back for a Friday ever again (bless him) so i contacted college explained he would only be in Wednesday that week and what i had managed to make out from tom what was the problem.

turns out when he told me Friday evening that he had been doing sports all day and then Bollywood dancing for the last couple of hours Friday he wasn’t actually exaggerating like i thought, so there we are letting him go for his hike and camp already at the higher end of knackered from the day before (Friday he went straight to bed i let him because he had said he found that day hard and started getting tearful as he said he needed to go to sleep because he had his hike and camp the next day I honestly had no idea he was already so tired he wasn’t going to bed to get to tomorrow quicker and tearful because he thought i was going to make him stay up but was just generally so tired he was close to tears) the Saturday morning when he didn’t wake till 11:30 and then asked us to pack his camp bits was the first clue but he really wanted to I do it anyway the whole lot resulted in what ended up him refusing to ever go back Monday by Tuesday he had slept enough to agree to go Wednesday and he slept most of Tuesday too.

While tom slept the girls did some school work then Jenny Emily’s ed psych came to do her an assessment, then jess stayed at home with tom while i took Emily to her doctors appointment we came home and nana and grandad was just finishing making lunch for tom and jess (they walked over when i phoned them to say we had left we are starting to let the older ones have times alone from time to time so they become more independent this time they were left 10 minutes while ?Janet and Ben slowly got themselves ready and very slowly walked the 4/500 yards to our house. So Emily and i picked up Duncan’s lunch and our own kindly in lunch boxes ready to go and Emily ate hers while i drove to take Duncan his we got back and she went for free time while i ate mine and i got ready to leave for my appointment the girls then spent the last of the afternoon on their bikes.