Today we went to center parcs for the afternoon, normal written work AM followed by dinner at lunch then bowling at work.

After bowling we headed for the pool kids went in without us we sat on the side with cold drinks

Unfortunately Emily’s Last Sealy didn’t have as much fun as her “pool Teddy” gained a leak and started to deflate leading to one very upset Emily who eventually agreed to not worry about her little friend because I would fix him and he would be good as new!

What a promise to make turns out not as easy to buy a new one as we thought ????

anyway we then headed home for tea and bed.

Search for a sealy!

Google search after google search leading no where (not even EBay people!) We knew it wouldn’t be quite as straight forward as I had messaged Zoggs when sealy the 4th came out of his wrapping (these seals are amazing teddies make Emily feel more confident so having one that can play in the pool with her has seriously helped her in the pool outside structured swimming lessons) anyway in a last ditch effort I emailed Warminster Sports Center which is where sealy the 1st and 2nd came from just encase they had one lying around we could buy to replace him, and they didn’t but they have managed to find one from somewhere and sealy the 5th and 6th will hopefully be able to be brought later in the week for us from them.

Sealy’s Importance for Emily

I know to some it may not seem like a big deal but for Emily it is a big thing she relies on teddies a lot for comfort to give her confidence to cope with situations she finds difficult, especially noisy or echoing places. the pool being one very high up the hard environment for her list especially outside any structured event such as swimming lessons (which are a nightmare to get her to go to!) and when we got sealy 1st she was seriously struggling even with lessons, he came free with Jessica’s swimming costume purchase and Emily fell in love with him getting all excited about this pool teddy pleading for it so we made a deal Emily got him, tom and jess got to buy a new toy for the pool each too the next payday in exchange. Everyone was happy and she quickly changed in the pool from shying away from loud all welcome swims and hiding behind the pool steps to enjoying it.

So buy next payday we actually got enough toys for an other free sealy and then agaIn in westbury swimming pool around the same time with the purchase of costume for Emily we got an other, finally the last and current sealy was given to me at the same time when a friend made a purchase that received the free gift, they have done well the first three only lasted a few months each because Emily is a chewer but number four has lasted well she learned to not chew him and 3 year (maybe more) down the line sealy 4th has gone into retirement.

Hopefully these next two will last her until she learns a new way to cope she was starting to get better and better without him being so close not always needing to be in her hand every minute she was in the pool but as soon as he deflated she wanted to leave we did get her to stay for a few more minutes with the warm “spa” pool as she calls it but very quickly even in this quieter part of the pool she started to hit meltdown refusing to go with her brother so I am pleased we haven’t got to avoid the pool for long without one.

I would really like to share my thanks to Warminster Sports Center for taking the time and effort to get these for our girl and for appreciating that her ASD means something as trivial as a blow up seal can make a world of difference for her. Also thanks to Zoggs who I believe found a last couple for our girl.