Well we have started a whole new style of home Education this year.

Last year for the first time since we started home Educating the kids I wasn’t the sole educator for the kids and it is safe to say having too many managers and not enough workers isn’t the way forward but what with Thomas starting college and Emilys EHCP and personal Budget process it worked but this year I was determined to find something better and more organised so that regardless of who is teaching the girls there was some consistency there.

EMILY’ Home Education:

So Emily with her funding got her a structured home learning Set at year two stage (will be ordering year 3 two as her ability falls between the two).

I have to say it has made life easier for us and her so we are very pleased.

She also has her own Tutor Lysa come 2 times a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays for English and Maths one to one.

We still have a Home Education group that suits us and that the children love on Wednesday afternoons if you would like details about the West Wiltshire Home Education group (WWHE) then ask me and I will get you the information.

After home ed group we are off for Emilys music lesson she is learning the piano and the guitar. She attends All Instruments in Westbury and is loving it her instructor is amazing and she’s doing really well.

Then we have also used her funding to purchase an IPAD and have brought her the apps suggested by the educational Psychologist.

And so for this year that is emilys home ed we obviously have trips and still have our Longleat passes but work wise we are set for Emily.

JESSICA’S Home Education:

After buying Emilys curriculum from SHL and loving it we contemplated buying her one too but unfortunately Jessica is in between 3 stages and we couldn’t afford the £900+ that would have cost us so using the idea her tutor Paul has made her a similar structured plan using work books we already have brought in hopes to get her fully up to her higher stage in all for next year when we will buy her the same as Emily.

She now has Paul all to herself every Thursday.

She also still has her laptop and the programmes she has been using on that (Khan Academy, BBC Bitesize, games on our Education.com account to name a few)

She also still has her Wednesday group (in Which she helps run the tuck shop with the other older teens), Scouts and Gym and Swimming.

Again we still have trips planned and our Longleat passes.

THOMAS’ Home Education:

Well Thomas is where all the big changes are happening.

Tom again has college 3 days a week (Mon, Thurs and Fri this year) this shift in days has meant he can also join us at WWHE, he’s been helping out with last weeks activity and tuck shop last week when he went for the first time.

Thomas isn’t doing any work at home now, he does English and Maths at college already having achieved his level 2 in both

And his other subjects will come back in after half term once he’s settled back (which is going very well so far so proud of him).

He also now does Tai-Twan Do on Tuesday evenings, this was arranged by a special out reach team who specialise in getting young adults with special needs out and about safely and independently and is the first step to him getting there alone unaided safely planning on expanding on this throughout the year and get him getting to college alone via the bus.

He still does Explorers and uses the Gym at college, he has picked Sports and Wildlife for his options this term (not sure but believe these options will change each term apposed to each year.

He’s now on the step up programme ready for him to start on a “normal” post 16 course next September (2019).

We also plan for him to have a small part time job by Christmas to start earning himself some money.

Half of anything he earns while living at home with us he will be told to save (we have said they can save or pay rent ????) we are hoping this allows him getting used to bills taking up half his wage and help him budget better while allowing him to save for a future deposit on a house. He is happy to save half at the moment we will see what happens once he’s earning the money lol.

Then they still have our multitude of pets they all help care for and I hope to be back to normal updates although these will no longer be daily probably 2 times a week from now on to fit in with our changing lives.