Monday: I had the day off so we worked on making up the kids new dailies charts and Emily decided she wanted to start doing her own washing so we spent the morning teaching her how to wash her own clothes.

we went to funways (well after a delay due to a flat tire!

Tuesday: we went to Longleat to meet with a friend.

Emily had a brilliant time with Mia and Tom was at granny’s all week and Jess stayed at home and enjoyed their time at home. Thankfully we have the parents who live across the road as well as very supportive neighbours which has allowed us to give them these chances of independence safely knowing where they can go in case of emergency and also to “pop” in for check ins she seemed to enjoy not having to be dragged around Longleat with their sister and her friend and instead played games and did their washing.

Wednesday: today we didn’t really do anything and enjoyed our first week off in a long time, well until I had to go food shopping and then music lessons.

Thursday: we went to my work with my brother and the rest of the Brooks family.

They all had a brilliant time and thoroughly enjoyed our pool complex.

We came home to the above sight at our back door it seems the kittens first taste of were out so you’re out was Ill received ha ha.

Friday: I was back at work kids back with their granny and Thomas was home again.