This week has been a good one,

Monday: work and school work as normal

Tuesday: Emily went to her Childminder Carly’s and was taken to an indoor play Center in Romsey.

She then came home with Lysa and did her school work and finished up with making her new Tinker Crate Creation.

Jessica did her work independently and joined in with the tinker crate game once it was made.

Then tom had music lesson as normal.

Wednesday: was a busy one, we went to put some bits into storage while we do some changes in the garden swapping a rotten old shed, moving a newer older shed to make room for a larger new shed to be erected as soon as weather allows us to make the base and build it.

We then did some shopping before heading off to music and meeting up with Clare and all heading back to ours for dinner and play (and naturally adult chat).

Thursday: Jessica sorted her room ready for her beds arrival, while I blitzed the downstairs after the mess from the mass shed project Saturday now we could actually see the house with all his shed contents emptied into storage a massive mess laid in its wake. Emily spent time with Paul instead of Jessica as she needed some one on one time which For once I couldn’t offer her as we had a strict time limit with the impending delivery.

Jessica was amazing pulled hers and Thomas’ bedrooms apart ready for the arrival of their new beds that arrived in the afternoon, she cleared space for the beds helped me get the unwanted be out of the house and move mattresses around.

we caught up with washing and striped all the beds ready for Granny staying over. Who arrived after we just finished remaking the beds.

After picking Thomas up I had to pop into Storagebase again much to his and bennys delight.

Friday: obviously a Granny day but Emily was feeling under the weather so they had a lazy day and just lazed on their new bed and on the playroom bed drifting in and out of sleep.

Saturday: today Emily went to music (Violin on Saturdays) bless her she did really well and Jessica had her first drumming lesson.

We then after returning home got on with the work on the sheds base (I say we but I mean Duncan and I as Jessica had Caoihme over to stay the night so the three girls played computers together, Emily drifting in and out asleep)

Sunday: two words cold and windy! But the kids all sorted themselves most of the day. We started it making croissants and cinnamon swirls, kids made own lunches and older two girls made steak and ale stew for dinner.

Duncan and I managed to put up a shed in very strong winds and the odd hail shower.

Safe to say we are both slightly frozen this evening! Brr