Monday 11th March:

Emily went to Carly’s but as she was a little under the weather they didn’t get up to much she spent time playing with Carly and Theo, Jessica did her washing and played on her computer while I was at work but boring really

Tuesday 12th March:

We didn’t do a thing (literally as I was Ill) Lysa Came for Emily as normal they did some maths and science experiments.

Wednesday 13th March:

I still felt pretty rough but Clare and boys came over, kids played for a bit before we all headed off to music.

Duncan came home and went on to his course in Bristol so we had our monthly box night after clare and family headed off home (naturally after a long chit chat and a communal dinner of chicken and chips ????)

Thursday 14th March:

Paul came as normal and Jessica worked with him, I sorted emilys budget as her quarterly bank statement showed up and then clare popped back in to drop Jamie while Connor had his drum lesson and mum came as normal.

that was an other day passed.

Friday 15th March:

I had work and mum took girls out for a walk around town as they had been inside most of the week they were starting to get cabin fever.

I pottered in my lodges as normal finished early with nothing to do so actually got a couple of pictures of my big lodge before I left.

Saturday 16th March:

Back to All Instruments for violin and drum lessons for Emily and Jessica, I may have (with the Cayden as my miniature partner of crime) moved the monkey ???? but Dave found him quite quickly so Jessica, Cayden, Emily And Caoimhe all went and hid him better challenging Dave to find him and move him for them to find again.

We then got to replacing toms sliding door slider which has been broken for a while (about 2 weeks now)

Turns out the old owners didn’t know what a straight line is! So we had to pile in the car and pop to Storagebase to get out duncans circular saw to Straighten up the door (because naturally my OCD couldn’t cope with a slanted door!) we will have to replace the door completely but for now it is hung and working again.

Anyway Caoimhe is here for the night so girls played on minecraft together while Emily settled before going up themselves.

Sunday 17th March:

Today we went to Longleat with Clare