Monday – with daddy did a bit of work and played.

Tuesday – with our upcoming trip to France duncan set them all back up with dulingo and kids have been doing their daily activities and practice on that Emily is picking it up pretty well.

We also went for hair cuts all around.

Emily went to Longleat with Lysa for her home ed work this week.

Wednesday –

Well this little man ended up in an impromptu visit to the vets after jumping on an exposed nail in the neighbours garden bless him he was feeling very sorry for himself.

I also ended up having to have a meeting with the bank after trying to make a deposit into our monzo account from our Lloyd’s account flagged as unusual behaviour so enjoyed a bit of time child free to sort that out.

We had music as normal where we ended up leaving having brought a new drum set and little blue guitar for Emily.

Duncan went out in the evening after kids music lessons so we had a film night watching wreck it ralph 2.

Thursday – jessica learned to look after Nermal giving him his medicine she did very well with her vet nurse duties.

Thomas did his first travel training on the bus to college he did really well.

Friday – work duncan can’t remember what they got up to but it was out in the garden.

Saturday – Thomas went to work for his first day at work and then walked home for his bank card then back to town for subways for lunch. duncan took girls to Longleat to get them out of my way so I could have a massive clean up and that I did.

Although Duncan learned the most valuable lesson and that’s to frisk Emilys bag for stowaways ????

Sunday – girls packed their bags and then I took them to Tesco to pick up a birthday present and then on to Clare’s where they will be staying for a couple of nights.