Here is a selection of Postal kits / activity boxes that either my children do get, have previously got or we are considering. sometimes I may swap boxes not because we are unhappy with the company but to try a different one that’s similar.

Postal kits /boxes

Gardening/Nature Postal kits

Teeny Greeny – £27.95 for one of there boxes (not a subscription)
Farm boxes of micro plants that can be grown inside the house in the smallest of spaces.

Mud & Bloom – siblings Monthly box £16.95 per month
Past boxes if you want to try them are £9.95 single box or £12.95 sibling box monthly.
Monthly activity boxes of seasonal nature activities and information about what can be found in the great outdoors.

Willow & Wild – siblings monthly box £15.95 per month
like the Mud and bloom box I am adding this here as I am considering the siblings box of this too It is for younger children but mine enjoy the crafts and more than that they like planting and caring for the plants and this comes with full instructions. I am the most ungreen fingered person you can imagine and touch wood our mud and bloom survive lol.

Food/Cooking Postal kits

Foodini – £12.99 per month (we have ordered 3 months for £38)
Teaches about ingredients as well as provides recipe cards. I like the idea of Emily knowing where her food comes from.
We are looking into this and Have done a 3 months prepaid as I really do like the idea.

Haighs Bakery Boxes – Boxes start £13.50 – £25 for seasonal.
These are absolutely fantastic they do seasonal boxes for Christmas, Easter Halloween etc but also offer a selection or normal boxes. We have really enjoyed doing these. I have been working on a few posts based on our experience with these boxes, if you would like to know more.

Little Cooks – Monthly £12.99 per month (£99 upfront annual)
we will be subscribing to this if the first box I have ordered is ok and Emily like the recipes. I will be going for the £150 gift set with a years subscription for her if we like it. I have a referral code if you consider to buy due to this blog. REFF85K7D322V

Inventors Postal kits

Kiwi Crate – £14.66 (plus charges due to currency) per month up front options.
We had the Tinker Crate for 2 years, to start with they were really good but unfortunately as time went on the items made became less sturdy and fell apart before Emily could finish putting them together let alone after. So we cancelled our subscription for her Tinker Crate.

Creation crate – this is an American one that looks good but witht he current issues surrounding the USA and COVID – 19 I don’t feel comfortable to receive items from there right now so we will reinvestigate when the world has all been vaccinated against COVID 19. Where Possible we prefer to use UK boxes too and I hold out hope at finding one for this.

Geography Postal kits

Atlas Crate – £14.66 (plus charges due to currency) per month with upfront payment options.
We love this crate! Each month you get a box from an other country, comes complete with an activity, Pages for a travel journal and a recipe from the country to try at home.
Unfortunately when we cancelled our Tinker crate, they also cancelled this too. We can’t restart it like we should be able to and don’t want to have to start at the beginning again. Will let you know how we get on as we are still trying to get response from Kiwi Co. I will eventually upload our fun with our previous crates so you can see for yourself.

Geo Journey – £12.99 per month (first month £25) or up front options.
Really like the look of this but a little concerned that it’s age is up to 10 and Emily is older. would love to hear if anyone gets it and if they think an autistic 11 year old would still enjoy it.

Banjo Robinsons – £15.99 for 3 months (it says E-gift?) we went for 6 months which will be 12 letters so thinking they come fortnightly.
We have just subscribed to this one, so will fill you in via the blog as to what they are like.

History Postal kits

Mysteries in time – Classic £6.95 Bumper £13.95 per month
We went for the Bumper box and it really isn’t worth it. Activities are low quality and many don’t actually complete properly. The first one was brilliant but we haven’t been so taken by the rest especially the card building kits none of which have been completable. The information in them is well worth the purchase though so we will be changing ours to the other Classic option. I am slowly catching up with posts for the kits we have been using this year so you can see for yourself.

Art and Craft Postal kits

Scrawlr – amazing I wont lie brought these for Jessica but they are fantastic and we now do them together. Each box comes with supplies, a monthly challenge and as an added bonus a sweet and sticker. Jessica honestly loves this create.

Lanuage Postal kits

One third stories
absolutely brilliant as with all of the activity boxes we purchase I will be adding up posts about our experiences with these too. Come with a story, flash cards and activity packs.

Science Postal kits

Mel Science – Well as you will probably know from the posts I have already managed to up load we love these boxes.

Letterbox Labs – £12.00 (£15.50 by time you add shipping) per month
I have ordered Hidden rainbows to give it a go this month will let you know how it goes.

Awe & Wonder – £14.00 for family box
Nature bases Stem Science tried to purchase but their card system seemed to be broken as got a message to contact my bank did so to be told no attempt had been made. I will try again when Hubby has some time to look into their website before trying to hand my card details over again. (I think they were powered by Paypal so don’t think it is a security thing but would rather be safe)