looking to Kick Start Your Primary Children In Maths? if so you have come to the right place. Links for other subjects can be found here.

What we used most!

Prodigy – Free (there is a paid option but it is no way needed to use)
This one is amazing you will be having to force them off it. I am really a very big fan of this. we have now upgraded to paid girls love this so much! It really is brilliant to help you Kick Start Your Children In Maths

Khan Academy – fantastic free online classes and programmes completely free and goes from basic all the way up to complicated maths.

BBC bitesize wide selection of curriculum based activities and games

Sparklebox – The Original place to source worksheets similar to Twinkl.
Sparklebox was the first resource we had. It launched in 2006, 2 years prior to us starting to home educate. Nearly the whole site is completely free.

Super Teacher – fantastic website full range of subjects.

CBBC Educational games based on many of children’s favourite CBBC educational programmes.

White Rose – free
This site is new to me but it looks fantastic it has a wide range of Maths material as well as a rough time table to follow to help you make sure you are covering the right topics especially for those who are in this situation due to lock down

Kick Start Your Primary Children In Maths for free

Learning games for kids – free
This is a bit of an odd collection of games on various subjects. The Maths games here are good. They are also broken down to topics within the subjects.

Train up a Child – really useful blog with great ideas on how to teach preschool maths

everyschooluk– some Fab UK money worksheets and interactive games

Maths and science Nucleus – Free Maths and Science curriculum for all ages

First School Years – Free Maths work Sheets, Flashcards,

Math Fact Café– Free online Maths Printable both premade and make your own, flash cards etc.

Lesson Tutor – Free Pintables a little of a faff to find but worth a look

soft schools – not all of the links here are suitable for beginners but well worth keeping the link.

math in english – worksheets and downloads on all areas of maths for reception and years 1 possibly year 2 but early years of primary school.

everyschooluk– some Fab UK money worksheets and interactive games

math worksheet wizard – handy maths worksheets

Free Phonics Worksheets – has some free maths worksheets.

ABC Teach – Free Printables on loads of different subjects

Kidz phonics – Limited Supply of Free Phonetic materials but well worth looking at especially if like me you make your own Worksheets.

every school UK covers most subjects and has a range of different interactive games as well as worksheets and other bits too.

Maths worksheets for kids maths worksheets for free

Maths Salamander – more free maths

Funbrain – Free
This website offers a selection of games, books and videos.
Not all is educational so maybe save this for the end of your child’s day. I have linked it here to their Maths section.
Again it is based on the American education system and caters from pre Kindergarden to 8th Grade

Maths is Fun – again more free maths for KS1 & 2 would be my best guess for suitability (my son loves maths and has a natural talent so I was always trying to find new things to challenge him)

Paid options with free content

Twinkl – Free limited access or £9.99 per month (annual options available) What list would be complete without Twinkl? again this is an option that has been there since early on in our journey.
They offer:
Lapbook projects
Wall Displays
Lesson plans
Resource packs
I will admit probably a lot more asides and they are UK based!! they cover all Key stages too!

Maths Playground – can be used free or via membership of just under 40$ a year for a family membership.
For free you can access Maths games & Videos, Multiplayer learning games, Logic games and puzzles, fun skills games.
Based on the American education systems of grade 1-6.
The memberships benefits are as follows:
Being able to play the games in full screen.
Access to member only games.
Be able to use the site ad free.
Lastly being able to save your favourite games.

Education.com – Limited access free or 15$ a month or 99$ for annual membership
We have used these since 2009! back then you could buy a lifetime membership which we did. They were one of the only online resources at the time. They are again based on the American Educational system and run from pre kindergarden to grade 6.
It has a full range on offer from video’s, worksheets and lesson plans.
I am really not sure what the free account is able to do.
As a member we can:
Create child profiles.
Allocate work for them.
Save, download and print worksheets
Progress profile for the children.
Personally I do still find it useful to test the girls progress.

Paid services – unsure of free content

IXL – Annual cost we paid was £119 price may have changed. Our renewal for next month is still set for this price.
We have had a membership with these since February 2020. Therefore I am not sure
They do a little each day, as part of the less fun independent learning choices. Despite this it is on their daily goal list to do 3 English and 2 maths of their choice. Touch wood they never moan and do complete their goals.
Emily loves collecting the stickers. For me it is very helpful at ensuring you are covering all areas of English and Maths.

MathsFrame– £10 for online games or Worksheet only access £20 for access to both per student.
Again like it’s spelling city counter part it is a very cheap option and they have some free games available to have a play with. We haven’t gone for this one purely because of the amount of maths related possibilities out there for us finding decent English options are the biggest problem for us especially prior lockdown.

Elephant Maths this is paid for but offers a month free trial and to be honest it was ok for the months trial but the girls got bored very quickly.