Looking to kick start your primary children in science? If so you have come to the right place. Links to other subjects can be found here.

Kick Start Your Primary Science for free.

First School Years – Free Science work Sheets, Flashcards,

Maths worksheets for kids Science worksheets for free

ABC Teach – Free Pintables on loads of different subjects

Lesson Tutor – Free Pintables a little of a faff to find but worth a look

Maths and science Nucleus – Free Maths and Science curriculum for all ages

everyschooluk– covers a range of subjects.

BBC bitesize wide selection of curriculum based activities and games

soft schools – not all of the links here are suitable for beginners but well worth keeping the link.

Interactive Text

Activity Lab book

Reading and Writing in Science

Super Teacher – fantastic website their Phonics worksheets are amazing and the kids loved them.

Interactive Text, Activity Lab book, Reading and Writing in Science for free, between these three print outs you can cover all main areas for science for KS1 possibly part of KS2 but not an expert we don’t strictly follow curriculum enough to know for sure but will certainly open a chance for some great little science projects.

Science Video Courses – 3 options each £60 online courses covering all of KS2, KS3 (AQA) and IGCSE (Edexcel) Science (biology, chemistry and physics) I haven’t used these but am considering getting Emily the key stage 2 and Jess the KS3 packages and seeing what it’s like will update if we do choose to spend out on them.

The Lab of MR Q – Free life science Information for Primary Children

Science Bob – more experiments for children we love these sites and regularly use these site when planning science-based lessons

Kitchen Science – Exactly what it says it is.

Science Kids – still science

Classroom JR – printable Booklets and sheets all about the Solar System.

Nourish Interactive – useful printouts as well as fun interactive games for children to do all about healthy eating and nutrition.

Kidshealth – Useful activities and lesson plans I found this very useful and has things laid out by age group as well as the subject which is always handy.

Lesson Tutor – Free Pintables a little of a faff to find but worth a look